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1+1=Mercedes Benz

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And now for this week’s inspiration, I give you Natalie Goldberg from her classic text, Writing Down the Bones:

I always tell my students … Turn off your logical brain that says 1+1=2. Open up your mind to the possibility that 1+1 can equal 48, a Mercedes Benz, an apple pie, a blue horse. Don’t tell your autobiography with facts such as “I am in sixth grade. I am a boy. I live in Owatonna. I have a mother and father.” Tell who you really are: “I am the frost on the window, the cry of the wolf, the thin blade of grass.”

Forget yourself. Disappear into everything you look at—a street, a glass of water, a cornfield. Everything you feel, become totally that feeling, burn all of yourself with it. Don’t worry—your ego will quickly become nervous and stop such ecstasy. But if you can catch that feeling or smell or sight the moment you are one with it, you probably will have a great poem.

Then we fall back on the earth again. Only the writing stays with the great vision.

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  1. How is it that I haven’t read this book yet??? Thanks for this.

    Comment by PJ — 09/20/2010 @ 11:08 am | Reply

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