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The Day the Dogwoods Bloomed

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I rarely write poetry, but wrote this yesterday and got some nice feedback, so I decided to share it here.

One flawless day

when the dogwoods opened

their scarred hands

my dog and I walked

along narrow rhododendron

paths, familiar.


We paused at the small

cemetery where

Ellen and Henry Smith’s four babies

are buried, circa 1890.


In the fairy circle

of stone nubs rising from moss

a sudden shimmering

rose from the ground

brushed my skin,

hurried up my body.

It seized my heart

and I cried out,

“Daddy, where are you?

Are you OK?

Am I?

Daddy, I wish you would come to me.”


Astonished by this

unknown ache

I let a pine tree hold me

while I cried.

Sinking down

I grasped a worn down stone:

baby, name unknown.


My dog stood near,

a small statue

alert to bird calls

and the possibility of squirrel.

Also still, I squatted,

aware of the call of loss,

waiting for the soft signals

of presence.

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  1. Hey, you put it on your blog! I still think you should submit it someplace. Along with the last one you let me read.

    Comment by PJ — 04/18/2011 @ 9:24 am | Reply

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